Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting Back into Things

I have recently wanted to get back into photography. Two trips are coming up and it will be a great way to test things out. I've thus invested in a few books which will be arriving in a few days. I've tried reading some of this stuff online but I find it is still easiest to curl up with a good book right before bed time. A $5 coupon from chapters is also helping the cause. So here are the ones i have picked:

1. Understanding Exposure
I bought this book before when I first got the D80 but have since lost it when we moved. I figured I should still have a copy for reference. And yes, it is that good that I had to buy it twice.

2.Understanding Shutter Speed
And why wouldn't I buy the sister book too? Bryan certainly seems like he knows what he is doing.

3. The Digital Photography Book Volume 2
Scott's pointer-per-page style made his first book the go to for any newbies. His 2nd book should be a sure win.

4. The Photographer's Eye
I had the opportunity to browse through the first few pages of this book and found the content to be extremely insightful. It really speaks loud in regards to colour contrast, layout and proportions. It really gives you the tools to shoot with more creativity but with more understanding of what makes a picture look 'good'.

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