Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 22nd - 24th weekend

Jacobs & Co Steakhouse - Check
Star Trek - Check
Laura Calder - Check
Leek, Potato and Tarragon Soup - Check
Duff Wings - Check
Hollywood Gelato - Check
Anthropologie - Check

Mission Complete!

May 22nd:
Jacobs & Co Steakhouse - Popovers (BLT Steak Style), Caesar Salad made at the table with Spanish Anchovy and extra bacon, Lobster Thermador, Steak-gasm (I didn't wagu it...but other's did), Duck Fat Fries, Mushrooms, Spinach, some Tuscany wine and take home Coffee cake. I don't think I can experience this kind of gluttony for a long time.

We washed the meal down with Star Trek. I have to say it was pretty good and I'm not even a fanboy.


Finished product with Extra Bacon

Half Order of Lobster Thermador

Duck Fat French Fries

16oz of pleasure

Coffee Cake to go

May 23rd:
Laura Calder Book signing at the Cookbook store - omg...look how big my head is compared to hers. ERRKS!
Leek, Potato and Tarragon Soup

Laura Calder Book signing

Leek and Potato Tarragon Soup

May 24th:
Duff Wings - Hot Honey Garlic and Hot wings. Nick said the Hot wings are uncomfortably hot after 6 of them.

We washed it down with some Hollywood Gelato Cappuccino and Cookies and Cream + Cappuccino Gelato. YUM.

Lastly, we hit Anthropologie and all the other stores at Shops at Don Mills. It really has the feel of one of those LA outdoor malls. I'll definitely be back especially after McEwan opens.

Duff Wings

Duff Wings

Hollywood Gelato

Made it to Anthropologie in Shops at Don Mills

Tired now. What a weekend!

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