Monday, June 8, 2009

Burger and Soup

Another recipe from Anthony Sedlek, the Main. We made his burger tonight and it turned out really well. My brother will probably tell us what went wrong with it since he loves burgers but we thought this was a very good first attempt. It was moist, juicy and extremely flavorful.

We also had a Shrimp and Sweet Corn Chowder from Jamie's new book, Jamie's Food Revolution (I think they publish it with the title Jamie's Ministry of Food in UK). We were also happy with the results of that. However, I didn't think it was the healthiest recipe since it called for 6 pieces of bacon and after you crisped the bacon, you retain the bacon fat to cook the leek and potatoes and all of it went back in the soup. Who cares though when it tasted this good. The idea is that you crumble the bacon bits, cracker, chile and cilantro on the soup as per your desire. As you can see, I never say no to bacon. I can't seem to find a copy of this recipe online but I can tell you it includes leek, potatoes, corn, shrimp, bacon, chicken stock and heavy cream.

Anthony's World's Best Burger

Shrimp and Sweet Corn Chowder


  1. that burger looks too tall to fit in your mouth.

  2. I can comment with my livejournal account too?


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