Sunday, June 14, 2009

Strip Bass 3 ways at Legend

Legend is my parents' all time favourite Chinese restaurant in Richmond Hill/Thornhill/Markham area and here are the reasons why:
1. 15 minute drive away from home - they don't like to go too far
2. my parents especially, get good service there because they are long time regulars - they are spotted there sometimes for lunch AND dinner
3. the restaurant has been there for 15 years - tried tested and true
4. all the staff there knows my parents and my parents are on a first name basis with all the staff so the staff gives them a lot of face - Chinese people love face. :)

My sister's father in law caught a 35 in, 20 lb fish on his Boston fishing trip and gave it to my parents as a gift. We certainly couldn't cook that monstrosity ourselves so we took it to Legend to have it made into a few dishes for us - 3 to be exact:
1) Strip Bass Soup with Tofu and Bak Choi - it was very milky and sweet. Drink it HOT or it can be fishy. This soup is made from the head, tail and bones of the soup.
2) Strip Bass and Garlic stir fry - the meat was so thick, buttery and firm. The amount of meat on that fish was unbelievable.
3) Deep Fried Strip Bass with Chili and Spicy Salt - I could not believe there was a 3rd dish but yes, that's how big this bass was. This was very tastey and full of hot off the wok flavour.

We also had suckling pig (my favourite), deep fried crab claws (my sister's favourite), double lobster, beef filet sautéed with julienne scallions and red peppers, fish paste tofu with bak choy, and chinese sugar water for dessert. We had 10 people for dinner and my parents still managed to take 7 boxes of leftover home. INSANITY. Legend definitely knows how to do Cantonese cooking.

As for the wine, my sister brought 2 bottles of J. Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon Seven Oaks Estates Paso Robles 2007. She said it is great California cab for the money with plenty of flavour. According to, "the 2007 J. Lohr Estates Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon is a youthful, dense purple red color with bright hues. The aroma is very generous with black cherry, black currant and plum fruit, complemented by vanilla, char and toasty notes from the twelve to fourteen months in barrel. On the palate, the fruit flavors echo the aroma, complexed with blackberry and a plump, round mouthfeel and finish. Although the 2007 Seven Oaks Cabernet is ready to be enjoyed now, it is cellar-worthy for an additional 5 years. Enjoy it with your favorite roasted or barbecued meats, or tomato-based pasta dishes."

Suckling Pig

Crab Claws

Pauline enjoying Crab Claws

Stir Fried Strip Bass

Double Lobster

Deep Fried Strip Bass

Fish Paste Tofu with Bak Choy

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