Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crazy BBQ

Pauline pulled out all the stops for my parents and Nick's parents last weekend. The menu included:
Baked Brie with Barries on Cedar board (Can't find my sister's recipe but the link points to a similar one online)
Quail Eggs with teriyaki sauce
Quail from the Grotto Noodle House
Peppers with teriyaki sauce
Okra with teriyaki sauce
Duck Gizzards with teriyaki sauce
Green Onions with teriyaki sauce
Ribs from the Grotto Noodle House
Asian Spiced Chicken Wings from Anthony Sedlak
Scallops on the Half Shell
Crab legs from Loblaws
Green Tea Cake from J-Town
Green Tea Latte
No wonder we always over eat on the weekends!

Baked Brie with Berries on Cedar Board

Quail Eggs and Peppers

Green Onion

Loganizas and Ribs


Scallops on the Half Shell

Green Tea Cake

Matcha Green Tea Latte

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