Friday, July 17, 2009

King of King

Kenzo Ramen tonight after the Ethnic Comedy Show at Winter Gardens:
This Hour Has 22 Minutes star Shaun Majumder hosts an evening featuring an eclectic group of hot ethnic comics, filmed to air on the CBC. Check out special guest Frank Spadone (the Italian), Steve Byrne (the Asian), Godfrey (the Nigerian), Akmal Saleh (the Arab), Rachel Feinstein (the Jew) and more! Whatever your cultural background, The Ethnic Comedy Show will make you feel right at home.
They closed off a portion of Yonge St for Just for Laughs and I was going to take some pictures of this big balloon but my hands were full with a Starbucks Apple Fritter that was half stale and a grande Pike Place. I even managed to sneak the coffee into the show and that's probably why I couldn't eat that much at the noodle house.

Nick and I have been to the Kenzo at Yonge and Steeles many years back. They just opened this new location at Yonge and Dundas. Denise suggested it last week already so we finally went. We all enjoyed a big steamy bowl of King of King noodles which was noodles in a spicy broth (spicy rating from 1-3) with seaweed, green onions, cha siu, egg, and fish cake. After eating the noodles, I was too full to really try all the different kinds of yakitori that they had to offer. Don ordered tomato and bacon, quail egg, chicken wings, beef, pork, bacon, mushroom and bacon. Notice the theme of bacon repeated. Sorry, no pic of the yakitori, just the noodles. I have to say that Kenzo did a pretty good job with the yakitori. Definitely need to return. The noodles were good too, but since we had it before uptown, they were no surprise. Next time, I might not even order any noodles and just go for yakitori and beers. This was really the first time I had yakitori in Toronto. The last time I had it was actually in Japan in this small side street in Shinjuku and it was wonderful. And boy was that a fun trip!

Kenzo King of King Ramen

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