Friday, August 14, 2009

Boys Smoking

Over the weekend, we had a few people over at Nick's Nick's Parents' house. They had a chance to enjoy Frank Correnti Cigars. These cigars are the only Canada made cubans available. It was recently recommended by a friend and since it is located so close to where we live, I decided to pick up a couple for the boys to try out. The shop is hidden in an alleyway behind Cheval so it was interesting just to be able to find it. You would not expect a full fledged cigar operation back there but it was. The ones we had were the Robustos. They were a hefty 50 gauge, short and fat, quite like Nacho. I didn't taste so I can't really describe it here. I was too intimated by such a stubby. I'll buy one of the smaller slimmer ones next time so I can give it a shot too.

Boys Smoking

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  1. They were over at "nick's house" ? You mean he has another place?


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