Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jamie Oliver's Southern Indian Crab Curry

I have been meaning to make Jamie Oliver's Southern Indian Crab Curry from Cook with Jamie for a while but never secured all the spices required. After Monica's repeated recommendation for me to go to the Spice Trader, I went this Saturday after visiting the vet with Nacho. Because of all the spices I needed, I ended up picking up an Indian box set of spices. So finally I thought I was able to indulge in this curry. When I read through the recipe again, I realized that I did not even have enough crab meat. Only 2 cans left in the cupboard which was only enough for half the recipe. So Sunday morning, we made a T&T run and picked up some pasterized crab meat that came in a plastic container from the seafood section. Nothing was going to stop me now. I am a woman with a mission. A crab mission. :)

The first part of the recipe included browning the various spices with the ginger, chili, onion and garlic. Wow did that smell really good and get my nostrils all tingly. I was happy already before tasting the final product. The recipe also required the ginger, onion and garlic to be chopped finely. Monica, my culinary brain child of a neighbour, mentioned that my knives were not the sharpest and took my knives to Nella Cucina to sharpen along with her set. I did not think too much of it as I had nothing to compare with before, but boy can I slice finely now. I no longer feel like I am about to hurt my finger tips since every cut can be made quite precisely without much effort. Definite thanks went to her for helping me with the spices and the knives.

As for the final product, I think it tasted pretty good although, I would probably need to get expert opinion from my Indian friends to find out the truth. I mean, I am taking a Jamie Oliver recipe which I would not consider super authentic. But hey, it got me to try making crab curry and I felt the flavours of the different spices really came through.

Jamie Oliver's Southern Indian Crab Curry

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  1. I dont even eat crab and this looks amazing. I have always been tempted to try making indian food as I love it so much but usually the recipes look so complicated.


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