Friday, August 14, 2009


There's nothing quite like patio season in Toronto. When it gets hot enough, people lose all their mental capacities and flock to the patios in quite an out of control manner. Given that Toronto only started getting hot this week for the entire summer, I can fully understand. We headed to Czehoski for a belated celebration for Candice's birthday. One the ladies was complaining how the patio wasn't big enough and we should go somewhere else after. I think she just wanted to have a continuous flow of eye candy. But I thought it was a great nook. Czehoski has been rated as the number 14th best patio in Toronto by blogTO. Who wants to go to a place packed like Ki or the Keg and just be pushed around in a sea of schweaty people? I know it might sound like the perfect afternoon and who can say no to people watching, but I would much rather just have a seat and chill with my favourite ladies.

We ordered nachos, fries, humus platter and a continuous flow of booze that included french martinis, JD rasberry mojitos, and vodka mixes. Good times!

Queen Street Mojitos


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  1. It was a really nice Patio and so close to where we live. I will be back!!


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