Sunday, September 27, 2009

麗陶軒 Lai Toh Heen

4 of us went to Lai Toh Heen for dim sum lunch today. The decor was very nice, not your typical Chinese restaurant. Things to note were the high ceiling, custom lamp shades, floor to ceiling window, and a few specially selected Chinese antiques. It was very quiet when we got there. I think our table was the loudest at first but as more people showed up towards 1PM, the noise level picked up a bit also. We had the executive lunch for four but I didn't take any pictures except for the 脆炸芋絲蟹鉗 Deep-fried crab claw crusted with shrimp mousse & taro straw, sweet vinegar sauce. Since there weren't that many tables at first, I didn't want the waiters to wonder what I was doing. I took the crab claw because it had that fun spirally design with the sauce. Anyway, I wouldn't mind going back. It's really a nice way to enjoy dim sum in Toronto without all the craziness. Next time, I will for sure take more pictures.

Lai Toh Heen Crab Claw

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