Friday, September 25, 2009

Most Awesome T-shirt Store

I have been dying to go to this place ever since they started renovations near our building. With a neon sign in the shape of a t-shirt and a pink heart, it just screamed awesomeness. is a new T-shirt / basics stores that just popped up on Bathurst St., a place that I can no longer escape when I walk home after I get off the streetcar. Not only do they carry great products (tees for now but more cool stuff to come) but the interior of the store is right up my alley with that vintage industrial look. I ended up buying 2 v-neck tees, one white and one black, and a brown tank top that has the cutest pocket. I didn't even try it on at the store because I knew they would fit perfect and they did. On top of that, they also feel super soft too. Oh, and don't forget that perfect shirts come with perfect packaging. Let's hope I don't ruin them in the wash. I will pick a few up for Nick tomorrow as he definitely needs a few v-necks to show off his deep cleavage (I'm not kidding).

Thanks Carlo, Richard and little Frankie! Hope my pictures do them justice! Check out the details!



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