Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I've come to the conclusion that my blog is a great place to make lists of to do items and then actually try to do those things. I am officially hosting the NYE after party. It is the after party because a bunch of us are going to the Drake first and then coming by after to ring in the new year. I tend to go over board with parties just because it's fun and there's nothing more delightful then seeing plate after plate of goodies line the table. Here are the items on my buy list
- wine sausages (found these really good sausages at Fresh and Wild. They come in Pino Grigio, Chianti and some kind of Rose)
- cheese...a few (which reminds me that I have to find my cheese markers and the non-permanent markers)
- salmon mouse
- smoked salmon
- grapes (always have to have grapes)
- a few bottles of sparkling wine
- orange and lemon fizzy drinks (costco)
- bread
- cups for jello shots

We have a ton of crackers and chips so I think we are good on that front. I think people are bringing some alcohol too so I won't have to worry. That 1 litre of Belevdere can always be back up.

Anyway, will keep on adding to this list as I think of stuff.

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