Friday, January 29, 2010

My brother's 油鹽水蜆湯+芙蓉蛋 Garlic and Chili Clams in TY Egg and Cilantro Broth recipe

Clean clams, heat pot with oil, throw in chopped chili and garlic slices, add fish sauce, add clams and sprinkle with sugar, stir around, add boiling water, as clams open, throw in plenty of chopped coriander and thousand year egg (peidan), boil till clams are open, sprinkle with white pepper and enjoy :)

Tip from big brother: Watch the clams, they overcook easily :)

When I saw this recipe from my brother, I knew I had to make it. It really is a combination of EVERYTHING I like: Clams, cilantro, garlic, thousand year egg, chili. How can I say no? Same day he posted this on FB, I went to T&T to pick up all the ingredients and made it immediately! It turned out to be EVEN more yummy and the broth was full of flavour. I need to make this again for my family to try!


Thousand Year Eggs and Cilantro

Garlic and Chilli Clams with Thousand Year Egg and Cilantro 油鹽水蜆湯+芙蓉蛋

I bought some garlic from Fresh and Wild this week because I ran out. I normally buy it at T&T because it is quite cheap. But when I saw the size difference, it made me wonder if I was getting a good deal all along. Left one from T&T, product of China. Right one from Fresh and Wild, product of USA. See the diff?! Is the USA one on steroids or something? Or is the one from China malnourished?


Found an interesting guide about cooking seafood.


  1. nice peidan! didn't know you can get such good quality in TO

  2. This Peidan is from Taiwan and contains no lead (which I think makes it not as hard). It is around $3.50 for 6 of them from T&T. I took a picture of the prettiest one of course. Some of the other yolks are not as nice.


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