Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hoof Cafe

Amazing day of Hoof Cafe, Loose Moose insanity, and Canadian Men's Hockey Gold. Things certainly kicked off on high gear at the Hoof Cafe. My sister, Patrick, Nick and I went for brunch and waited 1hr before getting a table at 1:00PM. We were really hungry but gladly killed time at Enzra's Pound with some huge lattes. We got the following and everyone had their pick of favourites:

- Ploughman's (Chacuterie)
- Tongue Grilled Cheese (Pauline's Fav)
- Suckling Pig Benny
- French Toast with Foie (Nick and my Fav)
- Add a Bone (Pat's Fav)

Sharing really is the way to go. It gave us the opportunity to try a bit of everything and it was very very yummy. We had grapefruit and orange juice with the meal which definitely help us cut down the richness of the food. It was a very memorable meal and we will definitely be back to Hoof Cafe to taste the other meaty delights.

Ploughman's Chacuterie

Tongue Grilled Cheese

Suckling Pig Benny

Add a Bone

French Toast with Foie

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