Friday, February 19, 2010


I have to admit that I never liked reading books as a child. For the past few years, my so-called 'reading material' consisted of magazines for interior design, fashion, and current events. You can catch me also flipping through cookbooks looking for the dinner inspiration or photography coffee table books to learn more about exposure and composition. I definitely consider myself more of a visual person. But this year, I sorta kinda promised myself to read a bit more novels and indeed I am finding it more and more enjoyable. It might also have to with the fact that I have a lot of time to kill on the subway now and reading fascinating stories rather than finance related study guides seems just a tad more interesting. Thus far this year I have read The Kite Runner and am currently reading The Thirteenth Tale. Not a bad start considering it is only February and I am by no means a quick reader. There are a whole bunch of other books in our current library that I should go through too, they include:
- Deception Point
- The Host
- Sting - Memoirs: Escape Artist
- A Son of the Circus
- Last Night in Twisted River
- The Cider House Rules
- Until I Find You

Lots of John Irving titles because Nick likes him. This should last me well into the summer before I need to buy anything else.

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