Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nick almost killed Nacho

He decided to go down to the locker to get boxes. He got a set of box and left Nacho in that area with the elevator so he can get another set.
When he came back, the dog was gone and all he could see was the end of the leash going up the elevator between the closed elevator doors. At this point, he was scared that the leash has somehow strangled her.
He press the elevator for the elevator car that Nacho was in to come down but it did not. He finally got on the other elevator and took it to the main floor. To his relief, someone has tied her leash to the bench. The leash was a bit torn apart as it had been pulled up the closed elevator.



  1. OMG poor Nacho!!!!!! I think i would have cried if I saw the leash stuck in the elevator doors. Nick must have freaked.


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