Thursday, July 29, 2010


We were trying to go to Aunties and Uncles for breakfast on a Sunday morning at around 10AM and the line up was ridiculous. So we walked a little further east towards Caplansky's to try our luck. I ordered the special (beef bacon, eggs and potato latkes) while Nick ordered the Smoke Meat Hash (I actually wanted that too but figured we didn't want too much of the same thing). Caplansky's Smoke Meat Hash really stole the spotlight. I never knew cutting board leftovers mixed with onions and potatoes could be so heavenly. Mixed with their specialty hot mustard just made it all the better with that extra kick. I didn't let any little bit go to waste. Almost licked the plate...errks! Can't wait now to go back to do a lunch there.



Caplansky's Smoke Meat Hash

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