Monday, September 6, 2010

New Kitchen Nap Area

Had to think long and hard before putting the kitchen together. I always think of a few options before diving into anything (and there is always a plan B and C and ..). This kitchen project has been my biggest one so far. It wasn't easy but I think it came together nicely with some new and existing pieces. It is always helpful that I have Croma to bounce ideas off of too. To make sure the whole thing felt continuous and unified, I started using a new tool I found online called pinterest and the kitchen inspirations and items have been posted to keep my thoughts in check. I took the following picture first because Commute Home wanted a picture of their finished product. More pictures will appear soon when I have more time to stage the kitchen. It always seems to be a mess these days.

Nap area

P.S. I hate this picture. It's so blurry. Bad light and bad lens!

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