Thursday, September 23, 2010

This week on OAS Program

I really don't care that this stuff is organic, farm to table, ethically raised or local. Blah blah blah blah blah...

The point of this is to experience different produce that I wouldn't have normally tried. So far. Not bad.

On the Menu This Week

Royal Gala Apples (Warner’s Farm)
Parsnips (Hillside Garden Farms)
Garlic (August’s Harvest)
Bartlett Pears (Warner’s Farm)
Blue Russian Potatoes (Cherryvale)
Salad Mix (The New Farm)
Sweet Cherry Peppers (Top Tomato Farm)
Grape Tomatoes (Sovereign Farms)
Delicata Squash (Zephyr Organics)

Veal Cutlets. These come from our favourite artisanal butcher Guenther, who sources veal from humane, sustainable farms around Ontario that do not raise their calves in crates. Tender and delicious—enjoy!

Cheese curds from Black River Cheese Company in Prince Edward County. Mmmmm...

Pantry Staple

Dried cranberry beans from Persall’s Fine Foods. These little guys are beautiful—speckled with red, with a rich nutty flavour

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