Saturday, August 15, 2009


After a quick check up at the vet for Nacho, Nick and I headed to Chippy's to grab some takeout fish and chips. We have enjoyed this fish and chips joint for many years but it was the first time we did a take out run of it since we have moved downtown. We ordered haddock + chips, cod + chips, tartar sauce and garlic mayo. By the time we took it home though (15 minutes), the batter got a bit hard and the fries got cold. It is definitely a meal enjoyed best on location or maybe across the street at Trinity Bellwoods park. The only downside towards eating there is that you have to fight with eating fish and chips out of the cylindrical paper container which I am not particular good at. They also only have counter seating which can get pretty tight during rush hour. But after this try, eating the meal on site or soon after you get it is definitely the best way to go.

Chippy's Cod + Haddock + Tartar Sauce + Garlic Mayo

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