Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kung Po Chicken 宫堡雞丁

We had Kylie Kwong's Kung Po Chicken for dinner tonight. I hope my brother will think this recipe is ok as he's a big food critic especially when it comes to Chinese cooking. We did not have dried chili so we used fresh ones. I can't seem to find dried whole ones at T&T so maybe we will need to try our luck in Chinatown instead. I have to say this dish had a rich mix of flavours so whether or not my brother likes it or not, we will probably still make it again.

Kylie Kwong's Kung Po Chicken 宫堡鸡丁


  1. For dried chilli, simply buy fresh ones and leave them open in the fridge for a month or so. They get dehyrdated, you can do the same with chopped spring onion but it would stink up your fridge.


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