Wednesday, August 5, 2009

NYC Kick Starter

Before the NYC trip, we had a planning session that had to involve thick cuts of meat. NY Striploin from Cumbrae got called to duty with some Barbarian Steak Seasoning. (Insider secret - Barbarian's has the best garlic bread. It is free.) I also made an avocado bean corn pepper tomato salad that was too ugly to photographed after I over tossed it and it turned into a brown mess.

For wine, we had Penfold's Koonuga Hill Shiraz Cab 2007 285544. Glad that even the LCBO serving suggestion matched what we were having.

Tasting Note:
Purple/red colour; cassis, eucalyptus, mint and herb aromas; dry, full bodied with smooth, rich, plummy flavours and a long, spicy finish

Serving Suggestion:
Grilled lamb, pepper steak or roasted meats

Here is Denise's homework, word for word:
Sear steak each side of steak for a minute
Then pop in hot oven for 1.5-2 mins each side
But the cast iron had to be hot while the oven was heating up....

Then put on stove to sear each side so it be hot.. Normally its crispy...
In don's oven its different.. Its piping hot.. But ur steak was thicker and gooood...

Then u let it rest and cover it with aluminum foil for 5 mins...
Then eat

We also spoke of the cheek, chin and forehead poke test:
Cheek = Rare
Chin = Medium Rare
Forehead = Well Done

Cumbrae NY Striploins with Barbarian Steak Seasoning

Penfold's Koonuga Hill Shiraz Cab 2007

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