Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jamie Oliver Griddled Lamb Chops With Chunky Salsa

With the Scotia Marathon happening downtown on Sunday, all of Lakeshore was closed and that botched our plans for going to T&T and the gym. Nick was furious as we drove around in circles for an hour. I looked at what's around our lunch spot and decided to hit Sobeys, Cumbrae's and Hollywood Gelato. With that in mind, there won't be much Chinese food this week and I turned to my Jamie's Food Revolution for recipe ideas. So there will be a lot of food from that books recipes coming up. For tonight, it was the Griddled Lamb Chops with Chunky Salsa. Although 7 measly pieces of lamb came out to $33 (that's $5 a popsicle!), the taste and ease (both preperation and clean up) factor made this meal a hit. The whole meal took less than half an hour to prepare which was quite impressive. I'm still not that great and slightly frantic around the kitchen so any recipe that is easy will for sure see a repeat at the Chan household.

Other items that we picked up at Cumbrae's included filet mignon and hamburger patties. We had a lot of chicken last week so we definitely needed to mix things up. On the dessert front, we also picked up 1000ml of Cookies and Cream gelato and Roasted Marshmallow from Hollywood Gelato. With all these need-to-be frozen products, we quickly zoomed zoomed home in the Jetta. Lucky for us, there were no casualties.

Jamie Oliver Griddled Lamb Chops With Chunky Salsa

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