Monday, January 25, 2010

Fergus Bear

Cottage life is great. I get it now!

Weekend was spent in Warkworth, Ontario with a bunch of awesome ladies. We had Fergus Bear to protect us. No worries! Picked up the camera after a one month of hiatus and it felt good. Fergus Bear was such a good subject compared to Nacho. He managed to stay still while I captured his not so natural highlights. A month ago, he got sprayed by a skunk and hydrogen peroxide was called upon which resulted in this free salon treatment.

Fergus Bear

Fergus Bear

Nature treated us well and the weather was awesome. We went around town trying to harass neighbours but most folks were out. We managed to pick up a few soup bones from Century Game Park for the doggies. Threw them on the BBQ and they could not get enough of it.

Century Game Park


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