Monday, February 1, 2010

Bar Mut, Barcelona

I don't know why I forgot to write about Bar Mut before but someone recently asked me for a restaurant recommendation for Barcelona and I have to say that this would be it out of all the restaurants we tried. The list included:

Day 1:
Cerveceria Ciudad Condal - Ready-made Tapas,

Botafumeiro - Old school seafood restaurant (Downed the seafood platter in record time),

Day 2:
Cafe Zurich - Super busy breakfast spot for quick coffee and a baguette,
Bar Mut - Review below,
Farga - Good for afternoon snacks and tea,
El Noti - International Cuisine in trendy setting (Very yummy too...completely wasted after this meal),

Day 3: Sick in bed. Write off. That's what happens when you try to eat 4 meals in a day.

Day 4:
Granja M. Viader - oldest milk bar serving up famous chocolate pudding (Nick wanted to go to any milk bar as the notion reminded him of Clockward Orange),
Bestial - Minimalist Italian restaurant by the sea (queue the lounge music),

Taller De Tapas - Tapas...even the crew of Vicky Cristina Barcelona ate here (Not very good paella...but apparently, Barcelona is not the place to go for paella),

Day 5:
Cuines Santa Caterina - Restaurant in the market featured in several design publications,
Udon - I was craving Asian food and settled... this was horrible, my instant noodles that I make at home is way better,
Inopia - Tapas from brother of World's best Chef that's not worth the wait (good fried chicken strips though that were battered with potato chip bits...completely wasted after this meal),

All very different and unique.

Bar Mut is located at the top end of the Eixample which makes it a great stop after some crazy shopping. Notice how we bought something from Vincon, a super fun interior design store with a ton of little nick nacks and also more substantial furniture pieces. The restaurant was not an awfully pricey or extravagant one but the food was definitely yummier than Inopia (World's Best Chef's brother's Tapas Bar), where we had to wait 2 hours for a table. I hate waiting for tables. I usually do it and then regret it afterward.

Anyhow, Bar Mut was a small place and we sat at the counter. The menu was all in Spanish so we didn't know what was there other than foie. The waiter so kindly spoke to us in English and asked us if we had any dietary restrictions. Obviously none. He then suggested a few things and we selected seared scallops, lobster pancake, foie, and suckling pig. I can never turn down suckling pig. Everything was fresh with bold flavours. The portions were big and the service was good. Happy campers! No we didn't buy any Campers though.






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