Monday, March 29, 2010

Hong Kong Happy

I was wondering why the name Jacky Yu was so familiar when my brother recommended me to pick up his cookbook in Hong Kong. He is one of the 10 leading master chefs featured in Coco which I have recently received as a gift over Christmas. My brother thought I would enjoy this book as it fits many of my criteria:
- Has to have great pictures
- Has to be in English
- Has to have dishes that I would want to cook
- Has to be contemporary and relevant but taken from traditional methods

Jacky Yu's Food Life Attitude fits the bill. According to Coco,
Jacky Yu's restaurant Xi Yan, which opened in Hong Kong 2000, is one of the most coveted tables in the city. He has since opened three more restaurants in Hong Kong and one in Singapore, and with his own TV show and three bestselling cookbooks, Yu is China's most famous chef.
Reuters calls him "Hong Kong's answer to British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver" so I know the book is a sure win! I browsed through a few of the recipes and I liked what I saw. When I got back to Toronto, I read through it some more and was very impressed with his book. Thus I ordered all 3 of his Xi Yan Cuisine books online from after some labourous searching on the internet. Luckily, I can have these delivered to my parents' Hong Kong address for $15HK. If I wanted it to be delivered to Toronto, It came out to a ridiculous amount of $290US. So I ordered it around 4PM HK time and by 6:30PM, my parents already got a call for delivery. Unfortunately they were out for dinner and the shop had no problems redelivering again at 9:30PM. Talk about efficiency and good customer service! Thoroughly impressed and will definitely shop from them again (only to be shipped to HK though).

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