Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stuff I did this summer

Now that Summer is officially over, let's see how many things I was able to cross out. It doesn't seem like I scored very well.

- Go to the beach with Nacho
- Hit the Distillery - I miss Lileo, Mill Street, Soma, Balzac, Bergo
- Explore 2 Toronto Parks that I have never been to before
- Explore the Junction
- Go to AGO and Frank
- Go to the new bat cave at the ROM and lunch / tea at C5
- Make 10 portfolios of photos
- Try 10 restaurants that I have never been to (Already have more than a few on my mind: Ame, Omi, Globe, Splendido, Earth, Lahore, Union, Edward Levesque's Kitchen, Holt's Cafe, Lee, Frank, Gilead Cafe)
- Finish the Kitchen - Still have lighting and lounge chairs to think about
- Antique Market shopping - Beaumont Mill in Glen Williams near Georgetown - 40 minutes from downtown Toronto, Aberfoyle,
- Local Antique and Reclaimed Equipment/Furniture Shopping - Queen West Antiques, Filter, Smash Inventory, Commute Home
- Kitchener Day trip - St. Jacob's, Farmer's Market, Timeless Shop
- Smoke some ribs - with my egg
- Make pulled pork - with my egg
- Roast a turkey - with my egg
- Catch up with my PVR
- go to Centre Island with Nacho
- Play golf at least once (even if it means just going to the range)
- Go to Ikea
- Catch up on Lost, Gossip Girl, Glee, Big Bang Theory

Things I will have to do but don't really want to do:
- file all the invoices that have been piling up
- bring from uptown: golf sets, filing cabinet, christmas tree, snowboards

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