Monday, November 22, 2010


Finally have my life back now that I finished my exam! Yes! And a week before that, I already asked my sister to book at Zen - a true gem hidden in a Scarborough strip mall. She told me about it a few years ago but we just never had the opportunity to go. Finally, we made it and it did no disappoint. The following are some of the highlights. My personal favourites included the PEI Oysters, Grilled Red Snapper Head, Tamago Sushi and the Sea Eel sushi. My brother would have been happy with this meal even though he always complains that there are no good sushi places in Toronto. It is more that we don't get the chance to take him to the good ones. ^__^

PEI Oyster special.

Tamago Sushi and Negihama Maki

Omakase Sashimi

Sea Eel Sushi

Grilled Red Snapper Head

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