Sunday, March 6, 2011

Family Dinner - Feasting

Mark Bittman's Steamed and Roasted duck, Steamed crabs, and clay pot rice with Chinese sausage. Can it get any better? We still need to learn how to properly cut up the duck. Good thing I have my sister here to take care of things like that.

I also somehow always tear the skin of the duck as I am trying to bring it out of the pot after steaming. Turns out I need a meat hook (according to Pauline). Where would I get one of these?? Maybe I ask my parents to bring one back for me from HK.

Another tip my sister gave me is that if the clay pot rice is a little wet, just keep it covered for 5 minutes after you take it off the stove. I will definitely try this nex time. Family cooking. Sharing tips. Enjoying food. Great company. It doesn't get any better than this.

Chinese Steamed and Roasted Duck

Steamed Crabs

Clay Pot Rice with Chinese Sausage

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