Sunday, June 21, 2009

Friday Night with Toshi

Long night on Friday since we were about to embark to the Drake and Unit Bar after dinner. So we decided to calm our souls with some sushi and shochu. Toshi Sushi never fails to deliver (but we are not a big fan of their spicy rolls). Anyhow, between the three of us, we order a 40 piece sushi tray opting for more unagi instead of ebi (hate regular ebi unless it is ama ebi). It included assorted sushi of tuna, salmon, marinated salmon, squid, eel, tekka roll, salmon roll, & California roll. I also boiled some edamame using Mrs. Zunn's recipe. Doesn't matter what it says on the bag, just boil the water with salt and then throw the beans in. When the water boils again, IMMEDIATELY remove the Edamame. And sprinkle liberally with salt. The method on the bag always make it too soggy.

Before that, I picked up a bottle of shochu from LCBO. The LCBO selection for shochu/sake is horrible but I was lucky to manage to find Kurokame Honkaku Shochu 112839. I was eying this bottle but when I saw this Japanese man in front of me picking it up, I went for it. It went well with the sushi and we described it as smooth, creamy, robust and full with a definite sweet potato after taste. According to, "Kurokame is made according to a traditional method in which Kuro Koji (Black Koji) is used, and the fermentation process takes place in Kame (a large porcelain pot). This process imparts in Kurokame a rich and bold taste reminiscent of traditional Imo (sweet potato) Shochu."

Toshi Sushi 40 piece Sushi Platter

Toshi Sushi 40 piece Sushi Platter

Our own Edamame


Kurokame Honkaku Shochu 112839

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