Monday, September 13, 2010

Masterchef Birthday

We had an amazing time at Greg's 30th Birthday bash. The surprise component was that teams had to make a dish with secret ingredients that each individual would bring and the birthday boy would have to judge. We were in team Iron Chef: Wolfgang Hugh, Bonnie Batali Nicky Flay, and Cat Cora Chan (I came up with that, although no one cared). Greg had to judge each dish on taste, time requirement, and presentation. We made prosciutto wrapped scallops and scallions with a tangy fish sauce vinaigrette. Every team put a great effort forward. It was definitely a tight race but somehow my team managed to win! YeS! The funny part was that everyone there was talking like the Food Network, describing the taste, textures, aromas, pairings to no ends.

It really is true that these days, everyone wants to know how to eat and cook better and EVERYONE is watching the Food Network. Fun times! And what a great idea for a guy that loves to cook himself.

Team Iron Chef's Prosciutto wrapped Scallops...half eaten

Prosciutto wrapped Scallops

Team 2's Orange Bread pudding

Orange Bread pudding

Team 3's Store bought waffles with pears and nutella :)

Store bought waffles with pears and nutella

Team 4's Roasted Fig and Goat cheese stuffed Pear

Roasted Fig and Goat cheese stuffed Pear

Some of Greg and Elaine's food:

Greg's Pork Roll

Greg's Squid with parsley, lemon zest and chilly flakes

Greg's Miso glazed salmon

Greg's portobello wrapped scallops

Greg's Roasted Duck Breast

Elaine's banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting

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